Dynamic Analysis of a Long Surface Casing during Installation into a Subsea Well


Nowadays, a Pre-Salt development well off Brazil is drilled in 4 phases. For each phase, a string of large diameter pipe called casing is installed and cemented into the well. In order to reduce the drilling cost, a 3 phases well may be an alternative. However, this alternative implies in longer casings compared to the current 4 phase well design. Currently, due the maximum weight that the hoisting system of the drilling rig could handle, the surface casing is limited to 1300 m long. In this article, we simulated the dynamic behavior of a long surface casing (2000 m) that shall be used in the alternative 3 phases well. We compared the dynamic results of the current design with 1300 m long surface casing and the alternative 2000 m long casing. The most important result is the dynamic axial tension on the top of the 2000 m surface casing because this result is important for the upgrade of the equipment that will hoist and handle the whole casing string. The results of Von Misses stress and curvature are also presented and discussed.

PAPER: ISOPE-I-17-420 – ISBN 978-1-880653-97-5  – Link