Our Company

Technomar is a Technology-Based Company (“EBT”) specialized in oceanic and naval architecture, founded in 2002. The company was born as a “spin-off” of TPN Lab (Numeric Offshore Tank – Escola Politécnica – USP), which allows access to a infrastructure for project and innovation development.

Since then, Technomar has developed large engineering projects for the leading companies in its core sectors. Throughout this period it developed innovative technologies such as Dynasim system for hydrodynamic simulation of floating bodies, the SMH (real-time simulation system for maritime and waterways maneuvers) and several applied research developments.

Its staff has a long experience and proven track record on delivery of critical projects. Its engineers have Msc and PhDs on its area of expertise, and they are committed to surpass the client’s expectations. Technomar is highly qualified to offer solutions in the following segments:

• Maneuver simulations in ports and offshore
• Naval architecture projects for ships and offshore platforms
• Design and Analysis of DP system
• Vessels and platforms mooring systems
• Experimental analysis and model tests
• Development of innovative solutions


• Business orientation, innovative results and strong technological content
• Technomar engineers are the main developers of most of the project tools, allowing full understanding of the process project and its results process.
• The partners directly accomplish the projects and simulations with clients, ensuring personalized service and high quality standards.
• Streamline the process to project to supply its customers with high quality and efficiency.
• Staff with master or doctor in the country’s leading universities.


The Technomar has a cooperation agreement with USP (University of São Paulo) in oil exploration systems and natural gas industry and also has association with Cietec (Innovation Center, Entrepreneurship and Technology).

It has a partnership with the TPN / USP (Numerical Offshore Tank Polytechnic School – USP), an advanced research center that has the latest technology with development of infrastructure such as processing cluster, test tank for testing, maneuvering simulator and 4D screening room.


Carlos Fucatu: Bachelor’s (1998), PhD (2003) and Post-Doc (2006) at Naval and Oceanic Engineering from University of São Paulo. Main Developer of Petrobras mooring code – Dynasim. Expert on offshore systems simulation, has two post-docs in the fields of current forces on vessels. Research in several R&D projects for Petrobras, in the fields of dynamic analysis and simulation of offshore systems.

Edgard Malta: Bachelor’s (2005), Master’s (2010) and PhD (2014) at Naval and Oceanic Engineering from University of São Paulo. In 2013 win the Price “Inventor do Ano1” of Petrobras.
Works and manages research projects for floating systems, mainly in the areas of seakeeping with numerical simulation and experimental analyses. Expert on modeling and calibration of hydrodynamic systems.

Fabiano Rampazzo: Bachelor’s (2007), Master’s (2011) at Naval and Oceanic Engineering from University of São Paulo. Works and manages research projects for mooring systems, mainly in areas related to coupling effects between hull and lines.

Felipe Rateiro: Bachelor’s (2006), Master’s (2010) and PhD (2014) at Naval and Oceanic Engineering from University of São Paulo. Has experience in numerical simulations, coupled analyses, between oil production floating units and risers and mooring lines and Real-Time simulations.

Marcelo Cyrillo Telles: Bachelor’s (1990) at Mechanical Engineering from University of São Paulo and MBA in Finance from FIA/USP. With 22 years of experience in structuring and business management positions in companies such as Unilever , Citibank and AbnAmro Real. His last position was as Managing Director of Standard Financial Investment banks (2007-10) and Espirito Santo Investment Bank (2011-13).