Experimental analysis and model tests

Technomar works on the main stages of experimental analysis (model test): planning, execution, accompaniment, and analysis, with proven experience in the following areass:

• Seakeeping
• Ship Resistance
• Deep and Shallow waters model tests
• Installation Procedures
• VIV and VIM
• Green Water
• Mooring and Riser dynamics
• DP system

A successful test depends on a deep understanding of the requirements and a correct planning phase.

During the Planning phase all the requirements need to be detailed in order to build the test scenario. Technical specification also needs to be addressed, when some of the model test challenges are structured, such as: possible constraints, methodology, and the number of experiments.

From a technical point of view, other items need to be analyzed, such as: specification of the testing tank, scale, models construction method, environmental conditions representation and instrumentation. These conditions will determine the test matrix, indicating the time schedule and the total cost of the project.

Depending of the project requirements, different tanks might be necessary. In these circumstances, Technomar can work as the overall project manager, being responsible for data acquisition, evaluation, data processing and analyzes.

Technomar has an agreement with the TPN / USP (Numerical Offshore Tank, University of São Paulo), which provides access to the testing tank for carrying out all the steps described above.