Development of innovative solutions

Technomar uses its high-grade staff to generate technical innovation with direct application in business cases. Some of these developments are:

SMH – Maritime and Waterway Simulator

SMH is a vessels maneuver simulator for maritime offshore operations and ports. SMH was developed through a partnership between Transpetro, TPN Lab- USP and Technomar.

SMH is structured with a series of controls and panels, emulating the normal operation of a vessel, being a complete engineering solution that supports simulations and training. SMH has one of the most advanced hydrodynamic numerical models presented in a “full bridge” simulator in the market. Its functionalities allow engineering and training assignments dealing with breakwaters, maneuvers, dredging, and lines (springs, hoses, etc).

Its scalable and flexible architecture allows the integration of a wide range of equipment such as rudder repeater, gyro repeater and more complex devices such as the DP control console. This flexibility is made possible by the adoption of standardized communication protocols. SMH also enables integration with ECDIS and even more complex systems such as 3D glasses.

SEMA – Multi-Active Stabilizer System for Small and Medium Size Vessels

SEMA is a stabilization system that aims to increase the comfort of the crew on anchored ships by reducing acceleration levels produced by waves.

Initially the product was developed for leisure ships, however its potential is applicable to a wide range of service vessels.

Because of the innovative nature of the project, Technomar has the support of FAPESP, FINEP and CNPq for the SEMA development, which currently is in full-scale prototype testing phase.
Technomar, during this innovative development, produced several hydrodynamic studies to assess the ship movements, to optimize the propeller-engine actuation system, the improvement of the mechanical design and the drive system control, and its several sub-items.